Yoga is not about self improvement. It’s about self acceptance.
— Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa


Evening Class - Hatha Release

Release stress and tension at the end of the day by moving the body and breathing with awareness to feel more calm, grounded and relaxed.

The pace is slower at the end of the day, and this is reflected in the evening class with slow and steady flowing sequences to unwind physical and mental tensions, longer held postures to promote steadiness of mind and body, easing into the deep rest of supported restorative postures, calming breathing practices and a long guided relaxation to completely unwind from your day.

Tuesday  7 - 8.15pm | Thursday 7 - 8.15pm

Cost: Per-Class $18 | 10 class pass $160
Laingholm Hall, 69 Victory Rd, Laingholm


Everything you may require for your yoga practice is provided: Eco friendly yoga mats, bolsters, lavender infused eye pillows, yoga straps and blankets.  

The classes are open to all levels of experience, practitioners are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and respect their current ability and experience.  Please advise of any health concerns or injuries before class. 

I offer a discount for students and beneficiaries: $14 per class /10 class pass $120 

Kamala Yoga Gift Vouchers available for 10 x class pass, private yoga & personalised yoga programmes.

Kamala Yoga Hatha Yoga classes are held at Laingholm Community Hall, 69 Victory Rd, Laingholm, West Auckland

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