Everybody can breathe - therefore, anybody can practice yoga.
— TKV Desikachar


If you are interested in having a children's yoga class in your community please get in touch! 

Kids Yoga Play 1

A fun introduction to yoga for children aged 5-7 years

In these playful yoga classes stories, songs and games are woven together as we explore yoga postures that will awaken children’s imagination and creativity as we go on a different yoga adventure each week to discover the many animals and forms of nature that yoga postures are named after.

This class is not running in 2018, however please enquire if you are interested in having Yoga Play for 5-7 year olds in your community.

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Kids Yoga Play 2

A fun introduction to yoga for children aged 8-11 years

In these classes we will explore yoga postures in groups and pairs. This social approach to yoga allows children to experiance yoga in a way which encourages communication and cooperation, while also helping to build trust and confidence as the children move and breath together to create a kaleidoscope of forms and shapes with their bodies.

In 2018 this class will be offered in Term 3.  Registration is essential for the term.  

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